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Empowering Personal, Professional & Organisational Growth for Positive Impact

Embrace Your Potential


Are you unsure how to become regenerative at home, work or in your community to live more sustainably?

Are you looking to make a positive impact but not quite sure how?


Are you overwhelmed with the endless options and unsure where to start?

Are you struggling to achieve your desired results? 


I can help. As a coach and a regenerative practitioner with over twenty years of experience in sustainability practice, I have helped numerous individuals like you. Together, we will create personalised strategies, overcome blockages, and develop a plan tailored to your unique needs, values, and aspirations

Let's take the first step together! Book a short introductory meeting with me to learn how to rapidly unlock your full potential to start living a regenerative lifestyle and create a better world.


We can start with personal or professional growth or a personal, business or community project you are working toward. Or suppose you are feeling lost and overwhelmed and unsure how to start. In that case, we'll begin by identifying your interests and what you value to develop your internal compass to navigate you. In our eight-week weekly sessions, we'll explore what is holding you back and how to tap into your potential and develop your Success Equation and Action Plan to achieve your results rapidly.

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I use the Rapid Results Program to coach and mentor you through a personalised process. 

Click here to learn more about the model developed by Authentic Education.

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Regeneration embraces the uniqueness of a place and each individual to ensure the long-term prosperity of communities, biodiverse ecology and a just economy. This approach improves individual well-being and the prosperity of communities through social equity, belonging and connection. It's a shift away from an extractive toward a more regenerative approach that prioritises social and environmental benefits alongside economic development. Regenerative communities offer the potential to create an inclusive, sustainable economy valuing long-term opportunity over short-term gains. You have the potential to embrace this way of being in your daily life at home, at work, and in your community.


There are many paths to becoming more sustainable and regenerative. These are a sample of the common stages organisations explore on their path.
01 Business As Usual Nothing More
02 Do What Pays
03 Strategy Integration


Doing Less Bad
Reduce Impacts & Costs

Increase Profits
Resource & Eco-Efficiency

Market Demands to Go Green

04 Finding Purpose & Passion

Environmental Biodiversity & Restoration

Carbon Offsetting

Fostering Well-Being 

Regenerating Business, Culture & Place

Eliminate Waste & Increase Profit

New Market Access (circular economy - designing out waste, shifting to services and product development)

Path to Zero (Energy, Waste, Emissions)

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Becoming a Steward

Where are you on your current path? 

Take charge of your journey and discover simple yet effective solutions to thrive amidst changing times.

What is your desired future, and how can you actively contribute to building a sustainable, regenerative, and equitable world?

Start today and develop your potential to create tomorrow.
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Tomi Winfree

Tomi is a dedicated professional who helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable and regenerative outcomes through education, coaching, and mentorship. With more than two decades of experience in sustainability research and education, Tomi is an applied cultural anthropologist, archaeologist, regenerative practitioner, and internationally certified results coach. Tomi specialises in interprofessional practice for sustainable built environments and regenerative community design and development. She possesses in-depth knowledge of what it takes to create sustained positive change.


Tomi's expertise is helping her clients uncover their unique strengths and values. She inspires them to cultivate the necessary skills and resources to create a sustainable and regenerative future. Her friendly approach and expertise make her an ideal guide for anyone looking to make a difference.  

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"Customers are caring about the values of an organisation - if you can't show you are caring for the community or the environment and the future generations, you'll lose them to businesses that do."

Katherine Cooper,

Senior Economic Development Officer, Mornington Peninsula Shire



Aboriginal Flag

I am located on the land of the Bunurong People, recognised as the traditional owners of the Kulin Nation. I acknowledge their long, sustained connection to the land, sky and water as the custodians of this unceded, sovereign country. 


I pay my respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging. I extend this respect to honour their enduring legacy through collective stewardship.

I am committed to walking together into our shared future with all First Nations people across Australia and globally.

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